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Big deep breath, relax those shoulders, I’m so glad you’ve found me.

Ignite Intuition – your gentle guide to:

💚 Rebalancing your energy

💚 Aligning to your authentic self

💚 Cultivating a deeper sense of joy & fulfilment in your life.

I hear you when you say you’re busy. Life is busy, it’s hectic, demanding, it can feel as though you are pushing uphill & constantly working beyond your limits.

It’s no real surprise that at some point, the unwelcome feelings of overwhelm begin to creep in & you ask yourself:

🛑 Why is it always such hard work?

🛑 When is it going to get easier?

🛑 Surely this can’t be all there is to life?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any (or all!) of the above questions, then you probably exist almost entirely in ACTION mode. Me too, and for years I believed that action meant success and success meant all items ticked off my never-ending to-do list of life.

For me, living in action mode and neglecting my OPEN to RECEIVE mode also meant that I forgot to tune in to myself, I became disconnected from my intuition, I lost touch with my soul essence and it left me feeling anxious, stressed, unfulfilled and struggling to connect to the present.

Are you limping through the days, exhausted, depleted, a dimmed down version of yourself? Has your glorious vibrancy begun to wilt and fade? Do you feel stuck? Trapped? Craving lasting change but unsure where or how to get started?

I am here to show you how it is completely possible to live within your energetic capacity, enjoy a beautifully balanced, rich & fulfilling life & STILL tick those actions off your list.

At the very heart of my work, I support my clients as they re-establish a trusted connection with:

💚 Self-awareness

💚 Self-trust

💚 Self-honour

I am here to hold space for you as you cultivate a sense of glorious empowerment around who you truly are.

I am here to share a beautiful & powerful collection of strategies to truly nourish, energise and guide you forward as you reclaim your glorious self.

I am here to support you as you Ignite your Intuition

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Client Comments


The session was great and I felt really spoilt by it. I left feeling empowered to start understanding myself more and confident to explore feelings more rather than lock them away.

Thank you Kate, I'll be keeping an eye on future workshops for sure!


Ignite coaching with Kate has been transformative in helping me reclaim my sense of self and strengths, find meaning through adversity and make no apologies for who I truly am. I was crippled by anxiety, now I lean into fear, able to tolerate uncertainty & strangely welcome change.

Thank you for the tools & teaching me “what other people think is none of my business”


If you are looking for a coach, I would recommend Kate to anyone. I leave my sessions with  hope, energy and a clearer mindset for the week ahead. I’ve tried so many forms of therapy over the years and found this to be the most positive and structured. I look forward to it.


I am set free from negative feelings that I have experienced for so long. My sessions with Kate enabled me to appreciate myself and my life and to understand the warmth and love available if you truly surrender to the Universe. So glad I did this work.


I wasn’t sure what to expect with the sessions, as I’ve never worked with a coach before but went into my meetings with Kate with an open mind. I was really blown away by her professionalism, speed of response and organisation of our meetings, which happened on a weekly basis and were always well thought out with what I wanted to achieve by the end of each meeting. I think that following the stress of 2020-2021 and the pandemic I really chose the perfect time to get reacquainted with myself and establish the best version of me, and I wouldn’t have come anywhere near this without Kate’s incredible and intuitive support. I would recommend anyone who feels they aren’t getting everything they can out of their life and circumstances to do what I did, book a trial with Kate and keep your mind open - it’s clear she’s truly passionate about what she does and provides a fresh, realistic and overall friendly and mindful approach to energy alignment. Thank you!


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